Dumpsters on Wheels

Don't Let Trash Slow Down Your Project

Don't Let Trash Slow Down Your Project

Take advantage of dumpster rental services in Columbia, TN

If you're working on a big construction or remodeling project and don't have anywhere to put your trash, you'll end up with a big mess in no time. Stay organized so you can stay on task with dumpster rental services from Clean Sweep Junk Hauling.

You can rent a dumpster with 16 feet of open space, giving you plenty of room for junk and leftover materials. Rentals last for a week at a time, so you don't have to worry about deadlines and can focus your attention on your work. Throw away whatever you need and our team will collect your dumpster when you're finished, trash and all.

Ask for details about pricing when you call us at 931-446-6142 to rent a dumpster in Columbia, TN.

How the process works

You have enough to worry about with your project. That’s why we’re committed to making dumpster rental services easy. Our process is simple:

  • We’ll drop the dumpster off at your location
  • You can fill it up with your trash and make special arrnagements for tires or hazardous chemical removal
  • Once your rental is over, we’ll pick up your filled dumpster

Schedule a rental by contacting us now.